My personal 2020 streaming device recommendation !

It’s been a looooooooooog while since I have last made a post on this blog. Things had been busy in my life and IPTV hasn’t been a priority of my life. Who have time for TV, right?

But I haven’t forgotten this hobby!

For the last few weeks I have been configuring a new device for home streaming and to my surprise that the Amazon Firestick 4k from 2018 is still a worthy device.

This article is not going to be a review for the Firestick 4k, instead I will give the lowdown of what’s running on my Firestick.

Asian TV

For Asian content, I have loaded the Napper Asian World onto the Firestick. It has all live and VOD content I’ll need. Even some English channels if I don’t want to switch app for English content.

English TV (North America)

For English content, I’m using Napper English. For the most part I’m only using this app for live tv for Canadian and US stations. It includes premium movie stations like HBO, Movie Network, as well.

This also have some Asian live station as well if you don’t need full Asia service.

Note: For the app to work properly, you need to change the Decoding method to the 3rd option.

Live Sports

For live sport events (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, Boxing, EPL, MMA etc…) I use the service SmoothStreams. What’s unique about SS is that their service is catered to sports only. How SS work is during the time of day when there is no sporting event running, SS will show regular TV content on their line up. Such as ESPN, CNN, Fox, HBO, etc… (They have about 60+ regular line up). When there is a sporting event that goes live, SS will replace an existing channel with the live event.

You can expect nightly major league games, weekly MMA fights, and big ticket events such as boxing.

The service even have a website which you can log in with your computer or any web enabled device for streaming.

This is the crown jewel for sports content. If you are a sports fan and only want one streaming service, then this is it.

  • You can generate m3u8 streams using SmoothProxy and use with m3u8 aggregator such as TiViMate or PerfectTV
  • Android app available
  • Can install on multiple devices, 3 different IP address allowed. So you can split a subscription with a friend or two.
  • Invite only

In order to use SS on Firestick, you will need to load SmoothProxy and then install a m3u8 aggregator to view the streams. You cannot use the Android app on the Firestick as it requires GooglePlay services. If you try to install GooglePlay services on the Firestick, it will brick your stick permanently!

Personal Contents

For non-paying stuff. I install Plex onto the Firestick and connect it to my Plex server.

I use the service with combination of SABnzbd (NZB Downloader), Sonarr (TV Shows) and CouchPotato (Movies) in combination with nzb360 on my Android to automate my English content.

Other Stuff

Aside from the 3rd party streaming services, if you have Amazon prime you also get a pretty good set of English content with it. You can also install Netflix on it as well.

You can also cast onto your Firestick via ChromeCast as well.

Which Firestick version which I buy?

As of November 2020, there is current three versions of the Firestick available.

Even though the Firestick 4k is 2 years old, I chose it over the regular Firestick (non-4k) because it was literally only $10 more, support 4k and 1.5GB of ram instead of 1GB.

I personally wouldn’t buy the Firestick Lite because it doesn’t have integration with your TV and other devices.

If you absolutely don’t need 4k and don’t care about the 1.5GB of ram, then the non-4k Firestick is worthy.

Hopefully you find this article useful, if you have any questions feel free to drop by our forums.

Footnote: Guide on how to install android apps on Firestick


  • padmanpadman Moderator

    Feel free to discuss your personal device :)

  • edited December 2020

    Try out google chromecast with Google TV.

    It's better than fire tv, and if like me in the US and you're already a subscriber to Netflix, then it's kind of a no brainer. The Netflix bundle is what you'd want to get.

    Google store have this bundle on offer at $89.99 but includes 6 months Netflix (worth $83++ credit to your Netflix account)

    That means this player is $6.

    You will not beat this price. Now back on the hardware, it's got Google Playstore, allow sideloading as how you would sideload apps onto firestick 4k.

    I have used firestick 4k for 3 yrs now, i can tell you the "google chromecast with google tv" beats its performance.

    Oh, one more thing. a little while after you purchase it, you may get a $10 coupon to buy a second unit. So you can get that same bundle only this time the chromecast will be -$4.

    Above calculation is only valid if you are already a Netflix subscriber and would have paid for the service anyway.

    Otherwise this device is $49.99 which makes Firestick 4k better in cost. (I got firestick 4k for $25 in previous years Amazon day)

  • padmanpadman Moderator

    google chromecast with google tv is about $70 bucks here vs $45 for firestick4.

    That's another firestick (non-4k) there. The playstore integration is tempting, since you can't install google play service on firesticks...

    Will consider this on my next stick.

  • Just reporting back on the usage, google tv is also great because if you have wyze camera as your security you can use that cam.

    And the voice control is very accurate, as how if you would 'ok google' it could well control your home automation because it is an always on home assistant.

    sure Alexa also can be used with fire stick 4k.

  • I would like more info on Napper and what specific Asian channels are included in the Asian pack. And if there are any issues in side-loading onto any Android TV box that you might get from Gearbest or Ali?

  • I'm not one to jump in before feeling the water. I'd like to know in advance. Do you have a listing of the channels they offer? Perhaps you can sign up for a trial yourself and post back?

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