ViuTV App

I'm hoping someone can help me with this issue.

I have the Moonbox M3 and am having issues with the ViuTV app from Moonbox. Its the app that has the HD on it. But my issue is that I'm able to select and play the videos, but I only get the audio. No visual at home. I was thinking it might just be something on Moonbox's end and they'll have it fixed on the next update.

But I was at my uncle's place this past week and he has the Moonbox M3s. His ViuTV app works perfectly fine. Has both audio and visual on the video being played.

Does anyone else have this issue? If so, how were you able to solve it? Any help would be great!



  • i believe that m3 is unable to decode the video. only the newer moonbox m3s and up are able to decode h265 video du to their advanced video processor
  • I have same issue with my M3,is there a fix?
  • No fix. Either go buy M3S or Evpad T2. Otherwise no H. 265 channels
  • Run the cleaning app. Reinstall the app and restart the device enjoy
    Have you tried it yourself? to me , it's the hardware issue it's not supported the h265 format, that's why it have audio and no video.
  • evpad t2 is end of life , in CA we sell evpad pro youtube
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