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HTV3 start up issue

Hi, my HTV3 box wont start up - once it powers on, it goes from:
- 1st house logo that says "bring you home TV"
- turns into four squares
- then the next large house logo - THIS IS WHERE IT'S STUCK

I tried unplugging, resetting using the small button on bottom (not responsive), using an Apple power adapter, and also tried clicking on menu button repeatedly and it still does the same thing. It also doesn't respond to the remote, I have to manually unplug and replug the power cord to start the machine.

Does anybody know how to fix this?


  • W.L.
    An update! After a few more tries, I finally got the "repeat clicking menu button" to work to reset the machine but I lost all my apps, how do I get all the cantonese apps back?
  • Goldmanlu
    If you have the same problem, other will have the same problems in the near future. Mine HTV3 now keep buffering also.
  • W.L.
    I also need the CCTV and sports apps but none of them are at the App Store anymore. What can I do?
  • Mmmaru
    Junior Member
    The buffering issue is horrible during prime time.

    Padman posted links to the popular apps which you can DL to USB to install on box.
  • W.L.
    Thanks, Mmmaru! There are still a few apps like Sports and CCTV that I used to have but cant find anywhere else. Other than Padman's links (which are SUPER helpful), are there other places where users can download apps?
    Junior Member
    HTV3 apps bundle can be download here
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