problem with the playback

ngoianniengoiannie Junior Member
anyone having problem with the playback feature? it has been having streaming problem, screen is so fuzzy and unstable that I can't even watch anything on it for over a week, anyone know what is going on?


  • padmanpadman Moderator
    @ngoiannie No problem with the playback
  • ZipoZipo Junior Member
    When I encountered problems, I cold boot it (turn power off 30 seconds then on) sometime it fixed itself. When I call my cell or cable for problems, that's the first thing they told me to do, let it recycle and many times it worked, it is all electronic, it might work for tv box too, if doesn't then problem is at their end. Mr Padman, I noticed on eBay they have htv4 and unblock gen3 now, do you think it is real ? They all say it is twice as fast than the older model, or they copy tvpad for the blue box, cool box selling trick
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