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After UBOX update Overseas 3.34, UB Replay app shows 2013?

Hi guys, so I recently updated the winlauncher to overseas 3.34, also used APKLauncher updated all apps. When I tried the UB replay app its showing 2013-08? This is so weird it doesn;t load anything as well. Uninstall then install again makes no difference can anyone share what to do?


  • bamby8
    Junior Member edited April 2, 2016
    I've occasionally seen those symptoms with 2013 dates along the top with no data when UBrec has not been working in the past. It's a server problem.

    UBrec and UVOD haven't been working for past week for us - stuck at 0 KB/sec. On one occasion, I did manage to get a selected programme in UBrec to play.
  • neonlight
    Thanks for the reply. It looks like its not just me
  • bamby8
    Junior Member
    My ubox also showing 2013 dates since you first reported it.
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