ubox - TV keeps turning greenish

I have a ubox gen 2 and since day one, after a while that I am watching TV, the screen turns a greenish color (it seems like i am looking at an old film "negative" for those old enough that used to go develop film ;-) ).

To fix that I have to unplug the hdmi cable and plug it back in, or sometimes it switches back to normal by itself after a few seconds. Or I have to go to the settings and change the hdmi output from 1080p 50Hz to 60Hz (or vice-versa).

Is this happening to anyone else? Is there anything in the settings that I have to change? It also happens when I use a different hdmi cable, so that rules out cable issues.

Thank you!


  • I think that's a cabling issue, I would try another HDMI port, another TV or with another cable to isolate the fault.
  • I know this problem from other media-boxes where there is a hdmi (compatibility) problem... mostly with older tv's of a certain brand.
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