Replace Linux O/S with Android?

It has been mentioned that Models 1,2 and 3 use Linux as the O/S and model 4 uses Android. Since the App or TVPad store function no longer works and is not needed anyway, would it be possible to load a generic Android O/S on any/all of these boxes? Just curious.


  • tomato123tomato123 Show Producer
    Just buy the super cheap android box.

    Use Phanto app on TVPAD

  • truongkhongtruongkhong Junior Member
    thank you much
  • Cadillac58Cadillac58 Junior Member
    Yes, that is a great idea. I found several for around $30 on eBay and bought one. I still want to try and get the Model 3 working again by loading other apps. I thought it had Linux on it and it seems to act like it, but when I bring up the model info screen it says it's running Android version 2.3.4 customized. Which is it really? I tried loading apps with the banana batch file and it did not load and then tried the file listed for model 3's which did start up but did not recognize apk files. I read there is a Google Chrome browser for Linux, from which you could load and run android apps. Need to know which browser platform/file type to try.
  • Cadillac58Cadillac58 Junior Member
    I purchased an android box on eBay for $32 total cost. I was able to install many apps, but the ones that have TVB don't work at all. I can view recorded dramas, but no live shows.
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