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TVPad4 korean live tv app pop-up message

My tvpad4 started giving me a pop-up message when trying to access the live app RAINBOW TV, it says basically that there is a low account balance that needs to be topped up (in korean language) was working fine until yesterday, can anybody advise how to fix this to continue watching RAINBOW TV...and has anybody received this message also?


  • tvboxrocks
    Not many people here has Korean live apps here, if you can share more info and may be more people can do testing and give you a better picture?
  • gqone76
    TVPAD4 was not designed to be used with Rainbow TV, rainbow TV is specific to Korean branded TVPAD4 called TVBOX, which their MAC address were given 3 year subscription. so if you have standard TVPAD getting message for low balance is normal, it's taking Rainbow TV time to filter the MAC address
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