Any alternative to TVPad for Korean TV?

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Hi all,

So it seems TVPad is done. I got one for my parents about a year ago and have been using paid DNS recently for about a month. But it seems it's no longer working. I was wondering what is are some other great alternative products?

I am specifically looking for Live Korean TV and VOD features for my parents.
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    The only solution ATM is the UBox.

    I think moonbox does haev korean live tv, not completely sure. May want to check with other users
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    both Moonbox and Ubox has Korean live channels, Ubox has more channels compared to Moonbox, stability, well both are about the same. both suffer from buffering issues between 9-2pm some times. although most cases seems to work fine. VOD is where both devices lack. you'll have to use combination of free app that comes pre-installed (ubox) and UVOD. just make sure when you installed UBTV app you install English version so that you don' thave to go through second menu, or get annoying alerts running on the bottem every min or so. and do recommend installing Shafa launcher rather than their homescreen.

    Ubox is definately cheaper option compared to Moonbox, and shafa launcher has issues with Moonbox.
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    Bluetv / tvpad have Korean live tv now. It's a pay subscription though.
  • I would recommend UNBLOCK 2 for less than $100, it has been working smoothly for the last 3+ months. It's my 2 cents. B)
  • @535four - Got ubox3 based on your suggestion and its working great for Korean channels. Might get another one (cost around $135), do you think ubox2 is better than ubox3?
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    Great, it's only my opinion nothing more, cheap price more features, more apps with vip account so we can watch those movies without blocked.

    Basically, it's the same, V3 may be have a better cpu and it has 16 gb of rom and a different firmware with a Chinese handwriting input, It runs the same between 2 except the remote was not as smooth as the v2.

    If you want to get another one get the v2 for 100 bucks and won't be wrong with that, just my 2 cents.

    Here's the news of UBOX
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