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Problem with TVPad2 using VPN router and VPN Unlimited

Tried using a VPN router with VPN Unlimited to Hong Kong or Japan but my TVPad2 was still not working.
With VPN Unlimited connected to Hong Kong, it gave me an error in Chinese that "it doesn't work in the Hong Kong area". With VPN Unlimited connected to Japan, TVPad2 behaved like it is in US with almost no connection (geo blocking?).

Does anyone have similar situation? Any help will be much appreciated.


  • tomato123
    Show Producer
    you probably need both VPN and DNS.
  • esy1181
    What DNS should I use?
  • esy1181
    edited January 30, 2016
  • badbob001
    Junior Member
    My tvpad2 is on vpn to singapore and using the 49 dns and the hong kong drama vod stopped working a few days ago. I can still open the vod app (looks like a blue CD), but none of the shows have new episodes and the old ones don't play anymore (shows 0kps download). So I'm guessing there is nothing I can do since it seems obvious it's not a network issue but an issue on the vod server.

    Live tv app seems to work (red ball with blue and red swirls around it) but is super slow so basically unwatchable. And it looks like they have long stopped the service of recording the last 12-24 hours for vod playback.

    Thank goodness I have vchannel on the firetv stick for backup.
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