Taiwan Channels

I installed all the apps via the UBMarket. Can someone tell me which app has the Taiwan channels?

And is there more than UBMarket?




  • padmanpadman Moderator
    @JoeSmith Just use the main live tv app. The channels are all there. Unless you are talking about vod ?
  • JoeSmithJoeSmith Junior Member
    Nope. Problem is I can't read Chinese. My mom can but she just repeats it in Chinese which doesn't help. So I have no idea which one is the live tv app. If I could trouble you for posting the icon for the app, I would greatly appreciate it. She is making me crazy by repeating in Chinese...lol. I have no idea what she says means.
  • JoeSmithJoeSmith Junior Member
    Never mind. Figure it out from your review article. Thanks!

  • It's in UBTV - the livestream TV.

    It has all the Taiwanese Channels include Taiwanese News channels! Just keep on flipping the pages of channels with the remote and she will find it.
  • vectorvector Junior Member
    OK>...which are the Korean Apps???? I followed the video in the review and all the entries are in Chinese....HELP!!
  • tvpadmustlivetvpadmustlive Junior Member
    I don't think there is a "Korean" apps come preinstalled like TVpad, there is however "Korean" live TV stream channels under the tabs in UBTV livestream TV apps.

    Korean drama is pretty much loaded inside all these different TV apps.
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