Unblock Tech UBOX9 Questions

Hi All,

I am reaching out to people here for a canadian friend in regarding to the Unblock Tech UBOX9 tv box.

On Amazon they have the Canadian version and The Oversea version. What is the difference between them?'

Another thing, They are looking for Cantonese movies, hk drama, china drama and I guess Live TV. Does anyone have this unit that is able to tell me if they are available. Everyone that I know (in the states) that uses the UBOX9 they all use it for Mandarin and they are unsure about Cantonese.

Any information is appreciated. Thank you in advance!


  • 535four535four Member
    edited August 2022

    Yes it does have all Cantonese Live and VODs. , basically not much different between two but I think for OS version it has more servers to connect with. But, since you're in Canada get the Canadian version if you're not go anywhere.

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