Live TV apps for Ubox Gen3 (S900 Pro)

In my Ubox Gen3, when watching TVB News with the app UBLive 3.0.9, it is luggish, not smooth and always stop/start but when watching with the app UPTV 2.3.0, it runs smoothly.

In my other UBox Gen2 (S800 Plus), the same UBLive 3.0.9 works great but the UPTV cannot even login to work.

Would you guys has Gen3 boxes having the same issues?


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    I have same issues but on my side on ubox 3. But it buffers after 15 min on ubtv or uplive. It's unwatchable after they updated the app. I've tried changing from exo player to system player with same results. Ive checked YouTube and it runs smoothly so it must be a server issue. Uptv cannot get it to log in.

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    They have recently upgraded the UBLive 3.0.9 to UPLive 3.1.3. On my Gen 3 box the new app still starts/stops all the time but it runs smoothly on Gen 2. Don't know why Gen 2 is better than Gen 3?

    Anybody has a solution?

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    We'll have to wait for the next update. It does run smoothly sometimes

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