funtv problem since 4/1/2021

is there anyone out there that has a problem where they can only watch news? All of the other apps for dramas won't work on the box


  • Is SodaTV app dead now or RIP? Since 3 days ago when launching the app it will stuck and stop at 20%... I contacted support and very strange no reply at all.... normally in the past they are very responsive...

  • i was using SODATV for 2 years also, recently stopped working. Jerry stop responding emails also...

  • same here, so sad, he 'said' he will never run away when i signed up with him

  • So last night I started the 3 day trial of SDTV from Napper it looks exactly like Soda TV but the app has been renamed to 360GO. I might just buy this service

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