saturn vod on evpad plus

i recently updated Saturn vod to version 20200328 on my evpad plus.  however this new version of saturn vod is a downgrade from the previous version. the layout is rubbish and there is much less content on it. its basically become a copy of uvod on the ubox. does anyone by any chance have a backup of the previous version? i did not realise i hadnt made a backup before upgrading. thx


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    What number is the previous version?

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    the last version i had was 20191230. this version had a better side menu which was in both chinese and english. it also had more options to choose from. the movie thumbnails were also more informative giving you details of the language and subtitles.

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  • Yes I ahve the same problem

    Can anyone help please

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    unfortunately versions of evpad that uses saturn apps are older models from 2017-18. I believe most people have more recent models which uses mars apps. maybe this update to saturn vod was a deliberate downgrade in content made by evpad to force us to switch to a newer model. i think they did something similar last year and downgraded the content available on the peach (adult) vod app.

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  • Do the saturns apps work for older EVpad models eg. Evpad 1s, 2, 2s or has to be 3 and up?

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    It works on my evpad 4k

  • can you send me the link where you download it

  • Hi guys can someone tell us where to get the saturn apps VOD, live TV and VOD downloaded? I need to keep them as they are not available via appstore

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