HTV3 stop working

Hi,  do I need to purchase 16 digitals activation code?  All apps (Yue or Extraordinary live or 7 days etc) have EB-2 and EC-5 errors.  Can I install other apps on my HTV box to watch HK live TV or programs?  Please assist.  Thanks.


  • padmanpadman Moderator

    HTV3 are done in terms of subscription. You need to purchase a new code to continue to use it.

    You can install other android apps onto your htv as it is just a normal android box.

    Take a look at napper asia

  • Hi Padman, would you mind telling me which android apps I can install on my htv to replace those apps which did not work anymore.   Thanks.

  • padmanpadman Moderator

    What exactly are you looking for?

  • Hi Padman,  I want to have apps which I can use to watch HK live programs, replay programs and drams.  Like apps 非凡電視, 粵重播, 粵繽紛.  Thanks.

  • padmanpadman Moderator

    You can try napper asia service, i gave you the link

  • Hi Padman, does this napper asia work like those apps which is easy to play without charge or pay for any activation code?  please provide me the link and guide me how I can download and install on the existing HTV box.   Thank you in advance! 

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