Leevi.tv Pro 是否新出。

A3 出了一年,LEEVI tv pro 是否新出。有人買了嗎? 謝謝


  • I just chatted with Hellen from H.TV.

    A3 has been out for a year. According to Hellen, It will have 2 years of free subscription. After that, they will charge an annual $66 data traffic fee.

    The new premium box is Leevi.tv Pro, which is a lot more powerful and will have only 1 year of free service. After that, it will be $66 a year. I was told this new box has 3X more content and the servers are based in USA.

    I have an HTV A2, which is recently broken. Wonder who in this forum purchased the Leevi.tv box? I heard that it has lots of contents, but sorting is a mess. Thanks for sharing

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