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Easiest device for mother in law?

We have an old Ubox which shows one menu that looks nice, but the moment you quit out of a show, it shows a completely different menu and even we don’t know how to get back.

I don’t think I can explain to her how to push the correct button combination to get ubtv to work, and then how to search through the literally hundreds of channels available.

What is the easiest device out there that can watch Chinese/hk programs on, without subscriptions that some boxes (laughably) requires?


  • padman
    You can try sdtv. Its basically ubtv but everything is in one app.
  • eobet
    padman said:

    You can try sdtv. Its basically ubtv but everything is in one app.

    Is that what the device is called? Very difficult to google for. Do you have a link with more information?
  • bamby8
    Junior Member edited June 2
    sdtv is an android app, not a device.

    you can find more info about it in the tvpad subforum.

    I think first time you install the app, it comes with a free limited time trial but I think the trial only streams for 10 minutes at a time before banner appears etc.

    fwiw, Napper appear to still resell it.

    Download link. It may not work on all android boxes. No picture or out of sync audio are some symptoms.
  • eobet
    edited June 2
    Thanks, but I need simpler than that, and I will not pay for anything beyond the box itself.

    Since we got the old Ubox we had working again, I’ll see if we can get our hands on an Upro Overseas edition and see if that one’s menus actually works and if so, give that to my mother in-law.
  • 535four
    Member edited June 3
  • eobet
    Thanks, but are there any instructions in that file?

    The default launcher on ours stopped working, but I can’t even figure out how to get the alternative one we already have installed to be the default one instead.

    Hence that’s why I’m willing to pay for a new device.
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