EVPad 3 wifi ethernet issues

Just purchased EVPad 3, even though the WiFi is connected and ethernet is connected, the home page still says I am not connected, no / empty "IP:" on home screen, when I click HDTV or VOD, I always gets "No application for the time being, please connect to the Internet to download". I've tried turning WiFi on/off and only using ethernet, but none of these combinations work. Any help much appreciated! Thanks!


  • SomebodySomebody Junior Member
    Sounds like a faulty box. Return and exchange for a new one.
  • wsthongwsthong Just Watchin`
    Not sure it will help. Have you tried installing using the 6868 code for initial set up
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  • Thanks for all suggestions, tried 6868, it displayed error on all downloads but when I came back out, the internet suddenly came on! :p :o =) Thanks wsthong!
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