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HTV IPTV5Plus+ stuck in the latest android update

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My HTV/IPTV5+ stopped working after the latest android update.
The problem: When I turn the box on, after the screen "Better TV, better live", it shows a message saying: Android Starting, optimizing apps 1...2...3... and then, black screen and nothing happens.
I tried the factory reset (small button below / wipe data/ factory reset) and I get a message after boot saying: Unfortunately Starry Launcher has stopped, and then nothing happens.
I contacted IPTVKINGS, they sent me a set of 4 files to put in a USB, but it doesnt work. I have exactly the same issue (optimizing apps 1,2,3...) with the USB inserted. It looks like the box is not booting via USB.
Last thing. When I'm in the Android recovery menu, I see a message: E:cannot load volume/misc
Any idea?


  • coolwing99
    Junior Member
    I have the same problem after the recent update except I have an A2. When I watch a drama, the screen will turn black all of the sudden, then i would have to wait about 10 mins then it jumps back to the app screen..very annoying..
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