Korean channel not working. Upro TW

I have a upro TW. I can’t watch Korean channel since yesterday.


  • All channel is working except Korean and Vietnam.
  • Thanks Sean55, I am still using my Gen2, has been working great for last few years with live korean tv, but for last few days no korean channels working for me either. I was worried that the box dead now for korean channels, but now I have some hope that they will return, a seller on Amazon selling the new boxes just told me that they are updating their servers for korean channels, and it will take a few days, crossing my fingers that they will return ????
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    @booboolee your crossed fingers is working =) , you should known better for all these years.
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  • just checked. korean channels working.
  • I have UNBLOCK PRO2 OS.
    Most of Korean channels are not working now. I hope they fix the problem.
  • Which one is Korean channel? I just got the ubox pros a few days ago

  • padmanpadman Moderator

    If you goto the channel listing, it would be under Korea

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