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Ec-9 or Ec-12 error on HTV2 Box

Try running the HTV Clean App if it is still installed on your HTV2 box. Seems to just delete temp media files and apk files.

I was suddenly getting these errors on my live app Extraordinary TV on all channels I tried-Yue Gang, CcTV and BinFen, ran the app and my free space increased to about 600 mb free. Now I can stream live tv again.

Let me know if this fixes any issues.


  • Madman999
    edited January 8
    Meh... Mixed results. Seems like switching around too many channels triggers the Ec-9 or 12 error.

    Closing out of the app, clearing the memory and reopening it seems to fix it some of the time.
  • Madman999
    So after a lot of trial and error, I am concluding that it's a program issue. Somewhere along the line, the program seems to lose the ability to get a stream from the correct channel. This could be in the program and it could be communication related or both.

    I seem to have better luck switching the main menu to one of the categories (Yue gang, bin fen, Tai min, cctv ect) and manually entering the channel I want. Quick channel surfing seems to bring up the problem.

    But once I get ec errors, close out of the Extraordinary TV program, run the memory cleaner/task manager app then re run.

    I never really got errors like this before all these updates occurred in the end of October.

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