HTV company has Close and they dont rent server anymore

My friend went to local store and ask about it. HTV has closed their company and they dont rent server anymore


  • MmmaruMmmaru Junior Member
    Not sure how true that statement is. They've been blasting their email on all the apps and having people pay to continue service...I mean why bother reaching out to the audience if they just plan to shut their business?
  • From what people are saying in the Activation Code thread, it seems they have not been responding to emails for a few days now. Some that had paid the subscription fee are either not receiving the code or the code not working, but customer service is not helping. That does not give much confidence for audiences.
  • MmmaruMmmaru Junior Member
    I just think it's a whole lot of work of updating apps, locking boxes, making people pay and then run off? They can just lock everyone's box and ask for payment if they just want the money. IDK. I hope it's not true and that they are just changing servers.
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    Based on what our old sponsor told us. Former HTV employees are over taking the apps/services.

    So I guess you can say HTV's main company is done but their service possibly continues.
  • Does this mean hardware will no longer be available, but programming will continue through another provider? Sounds like it’s likely the new people are requiring an activation fee for the HTV2 to continue service?
  • That seems to be the way it will be. Guess we'll know more if an htv6 box ever appears. Although I think the A2 box might be the most current one.

    What I wonder is that if you load the apk files onto a generic Android laptop or box, would it ask you for an activation code that would allow you register your device?

    I don't know if there's anything really special or unique about their boxes. I do think that maybe their Mac addresses are some how registered to China though. The built in Google playstore seems to be region locked so I can't get apps that I normally run in the USA. Maybe they have some custom VPN software.

    As for whether this service is a good deal or not, in my research certain cable(time Warner spectrum and Direct Tv) providers do have a small subset of Chinese channels available for about $40 a month to extra to your cable subscription. SlingTV also has a package. These are not as good a value as we have been getting via the htv box.
  • cheuk5cheuk5 Senior Member
    I think the trend is the company only sell for service platform . Then they can cut down the investment on hardware now.
  • plasmaplasma Junior Member
    I just checked my A2, got new episodes from VODs. This is good news!
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