htv3 and A2 no programs update

I heard about HTV2 is EOL. My families still have HTV3 and A2 boxes. But since the updates from before New Year, I have noticed YuePlayback, WonderVision and NewTube did not have any new programs updates within those apps. Does anyone have the same issues or have any suggestions...


  • I was just about to post a new post regarding the same issue until i came across yours. I'm encountering the same issue with my HTV3 box where nothing seems to be updating ever since the updates made before the holiday. I'm on NewTube and Wondervision ver 8.12.2. The latest movie loaded on NewTube is Venom....

    I'm also encountering an issue where everytime i try to update the overall OTA update to 2018.12.21-14.09, it keeps asking me to update again and again even after it reboots.

    Does anyone have a solution?
  • MmmaruMmmaru Junior Member
    It's not box or app related, if the company is not updating, it's not updating. Email them. Everyone has the same issues.
  • Hi,

    I have emailed the company about the otanetwork requesting update Over and over. I was told because the box memory is full and need to delete apps and try again. My box memory is 4.5G and 3.5 is avail. So can’t see it being a memory problem.
    Today (7th Jan) the wondervision app has been updated with new content but the new content won’t play. Says EC12 fail. I wonder if this is got to do with the network OTA not updated? Anyone here new content won’t play?
  • I have the same issues with E12 fail with new update episodes.
    I also emailed the company "[email protected]" yesterday and still waiting for their response.
    Hope everyone emails them and push for a fix soon.
  • plasmaplasma Junior Member
    FYI, A2 got show updates
  • But the VOD apps on A2 (Fresh orange, Wondervision) all load SUPER slow, and a lot of the older dramas (pre 2016) will not play.
    Seems like either the new application version and/or the OS update has major connectivity issue
  • plasmaplasma Junior Member
    I noticed something similar with some new VOD episodes weren't loading, but this is mostly fixed now. Can't comment about old VOD contents as I don't watch those much.
  • Both jade n news channels have ec9 errors for over 4 days now. Any suggestions to rectify?
  • Happened to both htv3 n htv2.
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