UBOX4 UBLive App not working

Is anyones UBLive app working, TVB News isn't working along with some other channels but TVB J5 and some random channels are working. This was after I uninstalled the application, reinstalled the application and then performed the application upgrade which these channels started working.

Any fix for this? I don't get the issues of getting Bing Search like as some people described. UBOX4 is connected via Ethernet Cable, all ports have been opened on the router firewall.

I also noticed there is UBLive and UBLive2 and when I uninstalled one the other uninstalled at the same time.

Edit: I also use Cloud Flare DNS and instead of Google DNS on my network(speeds are much more different). Would this be an issue?


  • fatcatfatcat Junior Member
    It doesn't work yesterday. But it all working today. I'm in SF Bay Area
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