Channel no.2 and s905w android 7 box compatibility?

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Anyone else observe a certain popular HK channel is not working since yesterday?
ie. channel no. 2 in EPG

No picture with just spinning arrows and data rate reporting 200-900 K/S. It seems like it is receiving the p2p data stream, but my existing nexbox A95x s905x android 6 box perhaps cannot decode the video stream.

Update (19 Aug):
ch.2 returned to normal after about 40 hours later on our s905x box.

But ch.2 still not working on a trial sub running on a newly acquired 2nd box though - new W95 S905w 2G/16G android 7.1 box.

Update (20 Aug): ch.2 still not working on W95. I then discovered if I change the Decode setting from 'hardware' to FFMPEG software decoder, it can open and play ch.2 stream. But the picture motion is not smooth and audio is out of sync to picture. It looks like ch.2 video is encoded differently to the other HK channels and the napper app on W95 can't use the hardware decoder.

ch.1 news channels also suffers from jagged lines when there is any panning shots or any side ways movement in the picture. Most noticeable with sideways scrolling text. May be some sort of interlacing problem.

Half a dozen other channels we regularly view including some sports and movies channels were fine on this inexpensive W95 box.

W95 S905w 2G/16G from
android 7.12
Kernel 3.14.29, May 2018
build 708N0

Apart from the ch.1 and ch2. encoding issues described above, I didn't find napper on android 7 on w95 to be any different to android 6 on nexbox a95x. There were still the occasional channel changing problems (0 K/S) on both boxes.

Thank you to Napper Support for providing a trial key to allow me to test the W95 box for 2 days alongside my existing Nexbox A95x.
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