HTV is going to die soon?

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Live broadcast for HTV5 downed from time to time, a lot of channels are having ED-12 problem. Don't mention the playback app, it's like a mess right now.

And I just found the "app store/market" is now re-direct to google play store, if you somehow remove the apps, you can't get them back.

The UK dealer who sold me my box no longer reply my message too. I'm in Sweden. Is it the same in your area?

It seems the service will die soon, maybe it's time to start looking for another box, any recommendation please?


  • padmanpadman Moderator
    I think that's the writing on the wall right now unfortunately.
  • fatcatfatcat Junior Member
    I have HTV3. Lately I have ED-12 on Live and Vod all the time. When I watch TVB news and World cup on CCTV5 it happen 3 or 4 time in half an hour. I have to exit and launch again then it works for 10 min. I think HTV is going to die. I have it for almost 3 years. It used to work better than my UNblock box. The unblock box is working very smooth lately but the HK verity show doesn't update. I think it's the time to look for a new box. Any suggestion? Thank you!
  • I got mine this January, after TVPad and MoonBox are both downed, and ended in a rather ugly way. I did a lot of research, and heard that HTV is reliable and good, I'm disappointed.
  • MmmaruMmmaru Junior Member
    How about the hke360 box but I warn you that the interface and remote is not that responsive and kind of slow. It works but you can feel the difference between this and htv.

    But yeah I def think it's on its last leg here.
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    All I can say is you got the HTV at a bad time. Their system has been solid for a few years but I guess the life time device model just doesn't work.
    I got mine this January, after TVPad and MoonBox are both downed, and ended in a rather ugly way. I did a lot of research, and heard that HTV is reliable and good, I'm disappointed.
  • coolwing99coolwing99 Junior Member
    Is this happaneig for the A2 as well?
  • alanwcwalanwcw Junior Member
    Have you guys tried VPN ? The reason I'm asking because it really works, have the same problem that you all were facing having ED3 error popping up. After using VPN for more that a year I realize that switching between VPN server in other countries really helps resolved the problem. No harm trying it guys give it a short.
  • I have an HTV2 and HTV3 box. Both are experiencing ED-6 message issues and the channel directory does not show nor list on the Taiwan or HK (YueGang) Apps... so I do not think it is the machines, but rather a possible and gradual abandonment of the Live TV Servers hosting the IPTV channels?


    These HTV machines have been good, stable and reliable. I can’t speak for the A3/5 iterations and variants released in N. America due to recent litigation events, but I think it is slowly being abandoned like TVPAD, iPlayer5 and BlueTV, etc. like PAdman said: maybe this lifetime model simply isn’t sustainable. If you got 1 year’s use of these machines = try to consider it having exceeded expectations worth for value?
  • aznguy82xaznguy82x Junior Member
    If Htv5 does die, what are the best options then?
  • I will probably seek a reliable IPTV app based service that works with these Android OS machines. Software subscription seems to be the way of the future now as opposed to these hardware based business model that have no long term sustainability. Only so much money one can make before the pyramid scheme collapses and nobody wants to pay the server maintenance and re-broadcast costs... #Reality101 :'(
  • a friend of mine was saying the hke360 box is working, but i have not seen it in person...
  • July 30th. TaiMin (Taiwan) app is DOA... message displays EA-6 error message with no channel listing information populated. The YueGang (HongKong) app works and so does the Chinese and Mainland apps work... however the BinFeng (IPTV others) is DOA as well. I am disappointed as I am a Taiwanese user. Perhaps the group behind HTV is patriotic to the political motherland and doing their civic duty in ‘erasing’ Taiwan as well? #Airlines #Taiwan #China #Politics :s
  • plasmaplasma Junior Member
    Hi guys,

    Toronto, Canada here and my A2 is pretty much back to normal, main apps like live tv and vods are working fine with updates. Time delay apps are still loading slowly and buffers a lot. There is a banner message from apps saying something like they identified issues with internet connection and already have the fix implementing.
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  • my A2 is back online now. even comes with a message apologizing for the downtime

    bay area california
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  • August 4th... New York State U.S here...

    I see no banner messages on my machine.

    HTV2 server only allows YueGang (HK) and Chinese (CN) to work. BinFen (International IPTV) and TaiMin (TW) do not work and shows EA-6 Error Code with no channel information populating. Sad Update... :'(

    Tried to speak to Helen in regards at their website, and no response. Gives me no faith in my HTV2/HTV3/A1 to upgrade and purchase their newer machines. Hope they can prove me wrong... :s
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