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FUNTV Black screen after reset?

edited April 29, 2018 in Other IPTV Streaming Device
Hey fellas, recently I preformed a factory reset. Then I started re-installing the factory apps from the app store. When the download completed everything turned black. I can move the mouse and see the pointer, but everything else is black. I tried turning it on and off, disconnected from power cable, pressed the exterior recovery button for like 10 seconds. Nothing.. Any ideas?


  • NChow85
    edited April 29, 2018
    Nevermind! For anyone else who has this "safe mode" problem, the fix:

    1. Plug in a USB cable keyboard.
    2.Power down the unit.
    3.Hold the recovery button down and power up the unit
    4 Keep holding down the recovery button through the startup logos until you get into the debug menu.
    5. From there you can scroll down with the keyboard and preform a factory reset.
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