Is HTV3 works in China?

fatcatfatcat Junior Member
My friend has a HTV3 bought from Amazon. I'd been working very good for the pass 2 years. He has a business trip to China for 1 year. He wants to bring the HTV3 there because he miss the TVB 24 hr news channel. He's wondering the HTV3 will work in China? Thank you!


  • padmanpadman Moderator
    Mmmmm, I supposed he could buy something cheaper in china ...

  • fatcatfatcat Junior Member
    Thank you for the reply. He understand he can buy a box a lot cheaper in China. But it only has all the China channel. If you want HK channel You need to pay for subscription. He fells if the HTV3 works in China for HK channel. He doesn't have to bother to buy another one at China for 10 months. The reason he asked because 3 years ago he bought the TVpad 2 to China for 6 months but it doesn't work at all.
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    He can probably buy a ubox there and it'll have HK stations.

    Not subscription needed for ubox
  • fatcatfatcat Junior Member
    Thank you! I bought Ubox4 in HK and bring it to China last year. It works. But he already has the HTV3. He just want to bring and use it there.
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