Loading fails 4120 error

Happy new year! In starting the new year to notice my BlueTV has an "loading fails, please try again (4120)L" error message. Nothing in Storm TV works, however, other android apps are working fine.
Anyone else having this problem with their Storm TV app? Please advise. Thank you.


  • Same here New York City
  • Same here NYC as well...anyway to fixit?
  • Change DNS to manual. The DNS is working. I copied the IP address from another thread this forum. Hope it helps.
  • anyone tried it already?
  • MmmaruMmmaru Junior Member
    anyone tried it already?
    No need. Looks like it's slowly working again.

  • You don't need change DNS to do everything to make it works.
    Don't turn off your Blue TV box if you turn it off but later you turn on again and when you open Storm app and you first thing to do to select live first. Don't select the other like Drama, Movie. Because you select live to make it run faster if it works and the other will also works. Try it next time. Good Luck
  • Negative, i did live first, it just stuck in 0kb
  • Negative, i did live first, it just stuck in 0kb
    Blue TV start update on Feb., 9th 2018 Only the live channel is work. I send email ask them and they said they will fix it ASAP. You can contact them with this email address.

    [email protected]
  • I have been contacted ([email protected]) for the past month, keep asking me to be patience will be fix in couple of days. :s
  • I’m in NY. My blue TV stops working since January. Emailed [email protected] few times. They asked me to be patient, problem will be fix soon. Until now, ONLY live tv is working everything else doesn’t :(
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