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Unblock Tech Gen 3 not working past 2 days

Hello all,

My Unblock Tech Gen 3 box has suddenly stopped working for the past 2 days. I reside in the UK.

I am able to turn it on but when I select a viewing option, it just keeps loading and nothing happens. My internet connection at home is perfectly fine as I'm able to load YouTube vids, surf the internet with no problem.

Does anyone else have the same issue?


  • tvbolon
    Junior Member
    Yes, my Ubox 2 has the same problem..
  • ic00042

    Do you also have the continuous loading screen that shows different kb speed like 300, 500 etc?
  • alexlihawaii
    Just Watchin`
    I want to share this with everybody.
    I have ubbox 3, the last couple days, Vod is not working at all, I test many ways but no work, finally I try the following
    From the setting , under APP, uninstall the UBVod, rebot your box.
    Install the old version " " which you can found on this forum, then you can watch all the HK dramas again.
    Hope this can help............
    Also if it ask you to update the VOD progam, don't, after update you can't see again.
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