Dead box

Got a BlueTV 6 weeks ago from CNTVPAD based on brothers' good feedback. Now 6 weeks later the box is dead no green light no issue power supply as I used the supply on a friend's BlueTV.

No idea how to work out the warranty any tips. I tried contacted them by phone but somehow couldn't reach them. Live help desk also couldn't help.


  • Left on my own decided to open up the box and discovered that the power pin was slanted inward. Seems solder was missing to fix the plug. Most likely someone pushed the plug in wrongly and pushed the pin inward and losing the connection.

    Minor fix and the box is back to life.
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    Glad you got it fix.

    Always email, don't phone or live chat.
  • but do try the trick to open up and check if your power pin is making good connection. Somehow a minor flaw in the box :)
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