Bitcoin Fork = Orders Delayed

Just want to provide an update to our customers.

For the people that had placed an order in the last few hours or so, your order will be delay.

The reason for this is the BTC network is currently facing a fork situation. Most major exchange/nodes have suspended transactions until the network had stabilized. Which means we aren't able to process the payment.

We are looking to deploy the orders as soon as possible. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

If you are interested in the fork. You can read more about it at this link.


  • pswong3pswong3 Junior Member
    Even though I would like to subscribe to your service, I don't think I will want to pay with a volatile "currency" like bitcoin. It has appreciated over 100% in the last few months and it's hardly stable. There is no way I would subscribe unless you come up with a better way for me to pay.
  • The exchange has resumed bitcoin payments. We will be deploying services in the next few hours.

    Thank you for your patience.

  • SNHKSNHK Junior Member
    No more paypal? only bitcoin? until you guys resume paypal, I won't be subcribing. While you may not always get a recourse with paypal, but at least its still better than bitcoin. Bitcoin=Shady!
  • LbeLbe Member
    Could not setup / buy bitcoins and can't pay for your service. It ask for my ID and everything that i do not want to give them. Is there any other way to pay?
  • tiggertigger Junior Member
    @napper, many of us are not familiar and don't want to pay thru the bitcoin process. Like other customers said, the exchange rate is volatile and there are transaction fees on top. You lost a lot of customers using bitcoin process. I don't see it a win-win situation for you and customers. Perhaps you can just setup another Paypal acct, or using Google Wallet or Alipay?
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