New to HTV5 Cantonese programming

Hi, I bought an HTV5 on recommendation by my neighbor for my mom. Setup was no hassle, but I have questions on the apps. My mom's not big on VOD, just live streaming TV in Cantonese.

1) The only streaming TV I can get working consistently is "Extraordinary TV" from the App Store. Why is their App Store so limited?

2) I've downloaded other apps like ChinaTV and MainlandTV and YueGangTV but I can't get them to work. I get error messages like "EA5-access failed, please quite again"

3) Just yesterday, a ton of channels were missing from "ExtraordinaryTV". I saw the warning on top, but after a factory reset today. All the channels came back. Was that just coincidence? Does this happen a lot?

4) Anyone care to guess on the life expectancy of the HTV5. My neighbor has the HTV3 and I assume that it won't just end at some point in the near future?

Thanks and sorry for all the questions. This is way better than paying for Chinese packages with cable or satellite TV.


  • padmanpadman Moderator

    1/2) Install ChineseTV app onto your htv and if you are getting that error message. Seems like your box may not be authorized yet. Contact your seller

    3) No idea

    4) The sub is supposed to last 5 years, but nobody knows.

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