HTV2 stopped working since a few days ago

Am I the only one having problem with?


  • clifflee06clifflee06 Junior Member
    I have the same problem.
    粵港樂視 is the only one still working.
    Can anyone help?
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    What's the message you are getting?
  • clifflee06clifflee06 Junior Member
    It just loading with 66B to 160B only and came to stop with error
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    @clifflee06 Just tested on my htv5 and all channels work.

    Does ChineseTv work for you?
  • clifflee06clifflee06 Junior Member
    Mine is HTV2 .
    中文電視, 大視界,粵好睇,粵回味等 all are not working
    They just keep on loading and then show error
    I have another HTV2 box still working
  • padmanpadman Moderator
    @clifflee06 maybe try installing ChineseTV onto the box.
  • clifflee06clifflee06 Junior Member
    Htv2 seems to go back to normal and mostly work this morning
    Don't know what happened but is good news.
  • Hi. My htv2 stop working. After seeing the blue house with the loading sign. And blacked out. Is any way I can reset the box. Thanks. I think I forgot to updated the system when they were notified.
  • My HTV2 is working except all the tv streaming apps are not working. All black and keeps loading. Is it time for a new box?
  • I have a HTV 2. Worked good for 2 Years. 3 days ago, my Yue app and VOD just disappeared incl the HTV program app. Also non of the live streaming apps work, just continue to buffer. Any other HTV 2 users have same problems?
  • clifflee06clifflee06 Junior Member
    Looks like is their server's problems
  • Thxs Clifflee06. Lets see if problem resolved in couple days.
  • MmmaruMmmaru Junior Member
    Apps wouldn't disappeared with server problem. I think something is wrong with your box.
  • Thxs Mmmaru. Any other members with HTV 2 experiencing same problems?
  • My htv2 had stopped working for a few days. They showed a message at the top of screen saying they are aware of the problem and will try to address asap.
  • Same message I got. My Box stopped working Almost a week.
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