the newest 2017 A1, A2 or B7 TV BOX Chinese/HK/TW/Viet. Live TV 4K .

Hi Everyone,

Recently, I am looking for a different brand of Chinese steaming tv box for my parent. I came cross online that some seller believe this the best tv box that most customer will purchase.

Below is the two of the most popular Live steaming tv boxes that is sold online today:

1) 2017 Newest A2 TV BOX Chinese/HK/TW/ TV Live IPTV Media Streamer/HTV3/TVPAD4 中港台電視機頂盒回看功能

2) 2017 Newest B7 TV BOX Chinese/HK/TW/Viet. Live TV 4K A1 A2 HTV FAST SHIP中港台越直播點播

Do any users used one of this device? Can you share your user experience for one / both of this devices to us on this discussion forum?

Looking forward for any reviews of neither devices before I purchase one. Thank you!


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