Unblock gen 3 black screen and blue screen?

Parent recently got this and within a week it would show the logo when turning it on.

Next it flashes blue then black a few times, six I think, then turns black with the words Auto pair on.

All buttons do nothing, except the mouse button, can't tell what's wrong with it.

Little reset button on the back do nothing all, and yes even left it powered off for a week didn't solve it.

Then a few days afo when I turned it on it came up with an app called bee something. So we let it install, it installed and show us a home screen.

Select a channel as a test and watch it go back to black and blue screen only.

Sending it back will be a problem as this was brought in HK and we live in the uk. Trying to ask for help from unblock tech told me to go back to the seller.

Any help would be appreciates.

Than you.


  • Take a picture of the home screen to see what is the problem, never hear a problem like your's, but make sure you connected the internet.
  • There is no home screen, just a black screen that flashes blue a few times and stays black only. With the words appearing briefly autopair start.

    Also this is happening regardless if its on the internet or not.
  • tomato123tomato123 Show Producer
  • Have you try to use the AV output instead of HDMI cable? or try connected with another TV and sometime turn the TV off and on or switch between another input source like HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 or so...
  • If it is the software/operation system issue, then you can try to reload it as described here:

    If it is the hardware issue, you have no choice but send it back.
  • I'm having the same issue. It seems like the launcher can't properly load after I installed the Curiosity Stream apk. Is there anyway to do a factory reset? Thanks.

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