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HELP!! Tvpad4: android recovery system

edited January 10, 2017 in TVPad / BlueTV
2-3 days ago,when I wanted to use tvpad4 to watched, the remote control stopped working. I used the remote but it didn't respond. Because of that,I unplug the power cord of the tvpad and reply it a couple of seconds later. After that, on the screen, it doesn't show the usual tvpad page with the shows android recovery system. It show reboot the system and 3 option of apply update with 1.ABD,2.EXT and also shows 2 other option:2wipe.../factory reset and wipe cache.

No matter what I did the tvpad won't go back to its usual screen. It's alway at the android recovery system.

If anybody knows how to resolve this.please write through this discussion

Thank you.


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