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  • acw1032
    January 29, 2017
    Hi! I just got this from my TVPad 4. 5.066
    I was having problem with my TVPad 4 not reacting to the remote, I replaced everything but the box and plug-in/ unplug the box, it worked 1 out of 5, 6 times Tonight I have something new:
    something new again!! the picture frozen, not reacting to the remote. unplug and plug in again - getting into error screen -
    Android system recovery <3e>
    KOT49H.20160929 test keys

    Volume up/down to move highlight;
    enter button to select.

    reboot system now
    apply update from ADB
    apply update from EXT
    apply update from cache
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition

    What it's all about? Should I say good bye to it?

    Is there another option than going into a new box, I was thinking about the BlueTV, but will be 'reliable as the TVPad 4'?

    Your professional advice please and thank you.
  • acw1032
    January 26, 2017
    I have just ordered my BlueTV from cnTVPad. Because my TVPad 4 is quitting without notice. I used the same line/ wires and TV on my old TvPad3, it is at least responding saying 'can not find user' in ALL Apps! Am I going to have the same problem as the rest? Box needs to be re-activated? I am in Ottawa Canada.
  • muttonhead
    January 7, 2017
    I have several questions about this tvpad thing
    1. What is the difference between a white TV Box sold by Amazon and a TV Pad4
    2. If a "box" is reset to factory settings, how can Korean apps be added
    3. How does one go about finding a valid DNS setting
    4, This whole thing seems unnecessary complicated for just watching TV.
    5. Yes, I would shell out some extra money just to let the wife in watch some korean tv that was the point when I got this box
    6. I am looking for another box - one that I just turn on and have her watch korean tv programming.
    7. Here in the middle east - there isn't a lot of things for her to do..
    8. Yes, we are in harms way

    Enough for now
    • thomastv
      Sorry for the late reply.
      1. There are several tv boxes out there, so hard to tell which one you mean. I'd rather not recomment buying any known brands from amazon/ebay/aliexpress, as the factories tend to remotely disable boxes in case the seller causes problems (e.g. dumping prices). There's a thread about it here as well.
      2. We can send you the installer via email if that happens
      3. Just contact us, we should have working ones by hand
      4. They tend to have issues, especially in case you're located in the US. But setup-wise it's not that complicated, once done you can forget about it
      6. I'm not sure there are any such boxes out there. There's just this korean app for tvpad and bluetv.
  • June 6, 2016
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