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  • Orca4wd
    December 28, 2015
    Hello Wsthong - Just purchased an Ubox from a guy in Hong Kong. The box said Gen.2_S800Plus_HK, under the About MediBox-> Model Number-> Global_Edition_S800. This is suppose to be a 1GB with 8GB FSD. However, not sure how to look at the box to determine if the unit came with the correct specs. Can you please provide guidance on how to pull the specs from the device? Thank you so much in advance.
    • wsthong
      Hi Orca4wd,

      Under the box for my UBox it say Gen2 S800plus Overseas.
      It has the same specs as yours, Global Edition S800 and 1GB RAM (Settings -> Apps->Running) as suggested by slee to check on the RAM.
      Other than that not sure to do confirm that it is 3 代.
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