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  • BennyLam
    February 16, 2016
    Details of the modem:

    Model Name: SB6120
    Vendor Name: Motorola
    Firmware Name: SB_KOMODO-
    Boot Version: PSPU-Boot
    Hardware Version: 3.0
    Serial Number: 317001028000860205040011
    Firmware Build Time: Mar 12 2013 17:48:19

    Hi tvboxrocks,

    If you want the modem, please send me your postal address not just the postal code. If the postage is around $15, I will send it to you tomorrow.

    • tvboxrocks
      hi Benny,

      Thank you so much for the info, I will get this info and confirm with my local isp. I will get back to you tomorrow or the following day. Im sorry to ask and wonder will it possible to keep the total to $20cad including shipping if I decide to take it ?
  • BennyLam
    February 15, 2016
    My mother and sisters all live in Vancouver, I go there once a year for the CNY dinner. Everyone loves Vancouver but I couldn't possibly afford the house price there.

    Anyone, please send me your full postal address. The estimate shipping cost is about $15. So just Paypal me $25 to [email protected] I will send it out on Tuesday. You can send the money to me after receiving the modem if that makes you feel more comfortable.
    • tvboxrocks
      cool, no kidding about the housing price here esp in the passed 5yrs which thanks to our local real estate agents(hold the properties til the investors arrived) . Any who, my full postal is V7E4Z4. Wonder does the modem come with power plug and happen to know the firmware version on it? thank you
    • BennyLam
      Yes it will come with the original power adapter. I will dig up the modem tomorrow to check the firmware version.
  • BennyLam
    February 15, 2016
    Hi tvboxrocks, I am back to Toronto now and cannot arrange a meet up. If you still wants it, I can mail it to you at your expense plus $10 for the box. Let me know if you want it and give me your postal address. Based on a rough estimate from, the postage is about $15.
    • tvboxrocks
      oic arr darn I missed the window of opportunity. How was your trip and do you like Vancouver? Sure my postal is V7E. let me know the total,payment option and hopefully we can working something out. thanks
  • BennyLam
    February 8, 2016
    Just noticed your post about wanting an used cable modem. I have a perfectly working Moto 6120 collecting dust in my basement since I switched to VDSL about a year ago. If you are interested, you can have it for $20 plus shipping from Toronto. If you can wait until next month, I will bring it to Vancouver and find some place to meet there. Let me know.
    • tvboxrocks
      wow I did not see this til now, and I did not receive any notification from this site? are you heading to Vancouver soon? Please let me know may be we can still meet up. thanks
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