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Hi all,

I'm using a UBOX GEN8 and I normally just watch UBTV or UBLive on it. My UBOX is connected to my router using an ethernet cable. I have the SpeedTest app downloaded on my UBOX and everytime I run it, I get maxed out speed with about 1ms jitter and ping, which is really good. The speed is very consistent and I don't have any issues with my internet at home.

The problem is that when I'm watching UBTV, 8/10 times it will take forever to buffer the videos. Usually, it buffers at around 50KB/s. If I'm watching UBLive, usually it's pretty instant without buffering. I understand there's a built-in app called UBTunnel, which is basically a VPN. I've tried using the VPN and disabling it and it makes no difference to watching UBTV. My DNS is set to Cloudflare's and OpenDNS.

I think the issue is on the server side, because sometimes I can watch UBTV without much buffering and I didn't have to change anything on my side. However, 80% of the time, it is really difficult to watch something due to how slow the buffering is. If I'm watching Youtube or Popcorn Time, it's fine.

Furthermore, If I go to on my PC, I get the same result. It's slow to buffer. What can I do here to improve the streaming speed?

Unrelated, but is there a difference between and ? They seem to be the same and both are hosted with GoDaddy (according to WHOIS).


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    If it's slow to buffer then either

    a) the server is slow

    b) your connection to the server is slow

    Either case there's nothing you can do

  • I suspect it's the server side, because from my side everything is fine, Speedtests are fine and I don't have any issues streaming movies using Popcorn Time (which basically grabs the torrent for the movie and streams without downloading it). But I have no idea what is considered as "slow". Sometimes, I can see on the top right hand side that it shows 250~300 KB/s for buffering, which seems decent enough but it still takes ages to load.

    What's the average buffering speed for you and where do you live? I live in New Zealand and so I imagine that it'll be slow for me to stream movies from any Asia servers.....

    Unrelated, but is it possible to watch UBVod or UBLive on your phone? I installed the APKs from and when I run the apps, it'll show "failed to login" error.

  • Furthermore, when using UBVOD/UBTV app, there's a menu setting to change the player to ExoPlayer. When I change to use ExoPlayer, the buffer speed is a lot faster, but it doesn't play the video. I don't see ExoPlayer as a system app. Can you guys see it in yours?

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    Pretty sure you can't just install the app on any device and use it on there. Otherwise, where would they make money

  • I disagree.

    As long as you have a UBOX, you can go into the UBTV app and scan the QR code. The QR code lets you download a similar but different UBTV app, which you can use on your phone. Once you have registered your account (via the QR code), you can either watch videos directly from their website (, or watch using the app on your phone. I can confirm this 100% works. In fact, it's actually better to watch from the website, because my PC streams videos faster compared to using my UBOX. Also, I can rip the videos directly from the website using Internet Download Manager (IDM).

    Obviously, you can only do this by first purchasing the UBOX and then scan the QR code from the UBTV app. At that point, you've already purchased the device, so they still made money from the sale.

    You can check out the process and how the app looks on your phone:

    Now, as I mentioned above, the UBTV app that you download on your phone is not the same as the one that is installed on the UBOX. If you check the app version in Android, they are different. As of the current writing, the app on the phone is v1.2.4 and the one on UBOX is either v2.0.8 or v2.1.0. The Ubox version seems to scan for a Ubox MAC address. If it finds a valid MAC address, it allows you to use it. This means that if you extract the APK and use it on another device with an invalid MAC address, then the app won't work.

    In summary, you can watch videos/movies without Ubox. As long as you already have an account for, you can watch it on your PC or watch it using the UBTV app on your phone. As for the Ubox version of UBTV, you can only use it on Ubox itself. I am more interested in finding out whether we can use the Ubox UBTV version on your phone or another device. I don't see why this isn't possible, as you can technically watch videos/movies without using your Ubox.

    Also, I did some research regarding ExoPlayer. Initially, I thought this would be a System app or some sort of setting that you can find under the Android Developer Settings/Options. However, it turns out this is just hardcoded into the app itself. Any app developer can choose to use the System Player or ExoPlayer in their app. Unfortunately, Ubox UBTV app is poorly developed. Sometimes, you can play videos using ExoPlayer, but most of the time it'll just show a black screen. ExoPlayer buffers videos faster than System Player, but it's just unstable and unusable most of the time.

    I'd be keen to know if any other Ubox users have any issues with using ExoPlayer in their Ubox UBTV settings.

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    Why in my box 邀請碼 is empty

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    No idea, might need to contact UnblockTech for support. Does your UBTV app work properly? Can you play videos etc? I had a similar issue and had to get my Ubox replaced. Also, check your DNS and that there's nothing blocked in your network or firewall.

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  • I've been having problems for months. Same issue, it starts buffering fast, then it slows down or stops. It's definitely a server issue. I own ubox3

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    For months? No, I don't think it's the server issue, I never have the problems like you.

    You'll have to cleared the cached data from time to time specially the box only has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of ROM, it'll stored all the data information that you've used.

    Go to the system's, settings > storage > cached data, then click OK to cleared it.

    Also, try to cleared the cached data on unlive app. Go Settings, on the right select Apps, then select UBLive then clear data. that's it. Hope it can solve the issue that you have.

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  • that did the trick. thanks!

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