Ub1818 access gone with no reason

I've been using ub1818.com which I had my account registered since June 2018

I have tried to login recently with the same account and it says invalid account and password.

I have never reset my password.

Anyone know how to get in touch with them to fix access?


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    It happenned to me before . Go to your ubox and scan the code on the tv to set up a new account. Just like when u did it the first time.

  • Ok so I contacted the reseller, he said if you ever launch the icon with "UBTV mobile app" on UBOX you wil need re-register again. Thanks tylerlee I will see if I can re-register

  • I reregistered and its working again

  • I have a new box and after scanning the QR code it brings me to a sign in page and not a new registration page. No other link to register. Can anyone help, please?

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