Upro2 suddenly shuts down

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This is just for anyone else who may encounter the same issue if you think you have a faulty Upro2 which suddenly switches itself off.

We bought a new Upro2 back in June. It worked fine for a few weeks and then it would suddenly switch itself off now and again. It turned out the 'Sleep' setting had been set to 30 seconds. I turned 'Off' the Sleep setting and it has been working fine.

Two months later, the same problem appeared last night. While viewing a UVoD programme, the box would suddenly switch off. It happened twice. Upon investigation, I realised the sleep setting had changed to 30 seconds again. I've now factory reset the box and reinstalled the apps. The default Sleep setting after factory reset is 'Never' go to sleep btw.

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    Well it happened again just 1 week after factory resetting the upro2. "Settings > Display > Sleep" has mysteriously changed to "30 seconds" again. I also observe when the box is shut down, it won't awake using the remote. I have to temporarily remove the power lead.

    Each time, I always turn off the wifi and bluetooth as I use ethernet - surely this can't be causing the issue? Next thing to try is to leave them both enabled.

    The firmware on this upro2 has 20190401 in the long version number. Are any other Upro2 owners using anything later than this version?

    Update 15 November 2019: 6 weeks has elapsed. upro2 still working. Sleep mode still set to 'Never'. Wifi and BT enabled but both not used. It does 'seem' to indicate turning off Wifi and/or BT might cause above mentioned problem.

    Update April 2020: upro2 continue to work perfectly. Wifi and BT enabled but both not used. Seems to confirm my theory that disabling one or both of these features may cause above mentioned problem.

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  • I have every versions of ubox since ubox3. One of my ubox4 would turn on by itself every few hours. I contacted my seller and got it replaced. U should do the same too.

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