Old Htv boxes are coming to the end

MmmaruMmmaru Junior Member

So recently the relatives box (a few of them) been showing errors on their boxes that says contact your dealer. Boxes were bought long ago and the dealer are also long gone. I emailed the vendor and they ask for the Mac address, they responded that the service have expired on the box and gave me a website to buy the service extension $30/6 months. The issue is the box don't even have a place to punch in the said code after you purchase. Other option is to buy the new box with 2 years of service included.

So the box (Htv 2 and 3) is done. They had it for 3.5 years. Just giving you guys a heads up to those on how they are killing off the boxes. They are keeping tabs.


  • fatcatfatcat Junior Member

    I have a HTV3 . It still working but have error message 3,4 time per day. (EC-12). Lately, other than this error message. It popup a box ask you to update the system. I always cancel it

    . I heard that if you update the system. Next you will ask to subscription.

  • I am having some problem. I paid for the subscription back in January for my HTV 1 box (yeah I still using the original), it emailed me the password and I was able to use the box again immediately then lately it pop up the ec5 code and told me is time to renew again which I don’t mind doing if it is still the same price which was $20 for 6 months but this time is not showing where I can buy the code or any instruction. Can anyone help? The old web site I went to before, is no longer valid.

  • is that a trash can in front of your tv? u can put that garbage htv in it. that box is not worth renewing. spend your money on ubox or evpad tv box.

  • fatcatfatcat Junior Member

    Finally I receive this popup today. It said my box is too old. To better service the customer. There is a promotion for buying new box. There is a website for info. I get in and see the A3 box is $175. And the subscripti

    on for 1 year is $66. It work for HTV1, HTV2 and HTV3. I don't know I should pay for it or buy a new A3. Any suggestion? Thank you!

  • fatcatfatcat Junior Member

    I only have 27 days left.

  • FIVE354FIVE354 Junior Member

    I would think twice before subscribe any of these services, there's always a risk they can go after you for the illegal services 'cause they have your personal information and they know who you are if the vendor got nail. Buying a box is a better off they don't know who you are. Just my 2 cents.

  • fatcatfatcat Junior Member

    I still can't decided. I got burn twice by TVpad. First the ask you to upgrade to a new one. You send them the Mic address and paid $160 get the version 4 but only good for 4 months. And the $60 subscription only good for 2 months.

  • FIVE354FIVE354 Junior Member

    That's always the case, you have to take a risk of it and you can not do anything about it if you want to move on, just don't make another mistakes that you've learned from, but some honest company still existed that you have to look for.

  • Buy a sdtv subscription for $58 per year

  • Hi Stranger 123 I have the HTV box too the error displayed code is

    EC5 on the screen of few app. it tells me the file failed contact your dealer.

    Where do we get the activation code for upgrading ?

    You must have an application "Magic Key " to type in the activation code 16 letters. My problem is to locate the network provider to buy the code.

    Hope you can look for it in their support email address???

  • Yep same here. I have a HTV3 box and got the error message EC5, contact dealer. There is no place to place activation code or a link to find subscription as some mentions here. What’s better?? A new box or subscribe?

    if it’s a new box... what’s out there for something like wonder vision and new video. That’s pretty much all I use it for.


  • Why don't you try installing sdtv onto your htv3 and see if it work and have the videos for you.

    You can get a 3 days trial if you install the apk

  • fatcatfatcat Junior Member

    I also got the message. and the message on I only have 10 days left. I have another problem since last week. It keep lock up . I have to reboot it few time every evening. My EVpad 3Max just come in today I'm watching now. I just put the HTV3 to retire. Now I have EVpad3 Max and Unblock 4 in my living room and kitchen.

  • MmmaruMmmaru Junior Member

    Do you like it better than Htv? How many apps do you have compared to Htv?

  • fatcatfatcat Junior Member

    I just got it last week. It comes with 4 of their own apps. Looks like they have more movie than unblock. The good thing I like is they have a lot live channel than unblock. They have all the HK TV like Now, Icable etc. And also have the US channel like ESPN, TNT, HBO and ABC. I just have it a few days. I need some time to play with it in order to tell you more.

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