TVpad 4 still not working

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Bought my Tvpad 4 about a months ago. It stopped working since Oct.28th. Without realizing it is a systemwide problem, I reset mine to factory condition, therefore lost all apps, and now the Tvpad store is blank. Thanks for the tips that by changing the DSN, it will restore. I tried 146..and 110... with no luck. Any DSN for west coast,USA?
I paid good money for my Tvpad, was happy for three weeks. Tried to recommend it to my friends. Now this happened. Please help!
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    If you just want the apps back that should be easy and you just need a usb drive.
    follow the link and you can download the apps.
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    Thanks for the tip. I tried the DSN sets one by one. Finally, on the 4th set (49...) it works. Now I can get to the TVpad store and download some apps. Thanks to everyone that provides useful information.
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    I am forwarding an email from TV Pad factory. I am very upset on this outage. I guess they cannot continue to broadcast TVB and CCTV anymore. ???? is working.

    Subject: ??TVpad4???????





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    My TV pad 4 not working at all. I havw tried to change my DNS many times, so far not working. I do not know how to change fw. I live in London, UK. Please help me. Many thanks.
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