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粵繽紛 & 鲜橙電視 throwing EA6 error

TV Nuts edited April 24 in HTV IPTV Box
On my HTV A2 box, both 粵繽紛 & 鲜橙電視 apps thrown "Ea6 system error please consult your dealer” error today.
Does that mean these 2 apps are blocked?
Would changing DNS to override this blockage?
If not, would using VPN solve this problem?

I am in New York City, any other folks seeing the same issue in NY recently?

This is the 1st time I saw this error in my almost 2 years of using this box. Seeking advice form folks who has encountered this problem.

Thanks in advance


  • Mmmaru
    Junior Member
    Thatv was happening last week to the replay apps and I emailed the company, they said they were moving servers and the so it was unavailable. Try again today.
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  • fustrated
    TV Nuts
    @Mmmaru , thanks for the info. Will try again as advised and update here.
  • fustrated
    TV Nuts
    I re-checked today. These 2 apps were back to normal. I guess server migration was completed.
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