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Chinese vs English

Whats the difference between Chinese and English packages?


  • padman
    English have all english channels.
  • SNHK
    Junior Member
    padman said:

    English have all english channels.

    That's a bit too general? They should just purchase a trial, its not a lot of money. If you like sports then go for the English package, has way more sports channel. Its got way more news channels too. Of course you don't get any of the chinese/mandarin channels, however some indian (english) channels are included. They're offering SDTV now too, which is nice, one stop shop! (a bit cheaper too).
  • minyiz808
    Anyone got a channel listing for napper chinese vs english? is NBA channel on both ?
  • grimmie
    the channel list is not updated. but the chinese ones should have the nba games since its got many sports channels in there
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