How to download Transocks on my TV box?

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Transocks VPN can unblock restricted Chinese video and music on your mobile\PC\Mac\TV Box, check the download links below:

For TV Box:
1. Official
2. TV app market: Shafa app marketDangbei oversea app market

For Mobile:
Free version
1. iOS:iTunes App Store (not for Chinese Apple ID)
2. Andriod:Google Play
3. Official

Pro version:
1. iOS:Need to apply invitation mail:iTunes App Store
2. Andriod:Google Play
3. Official

For PC & Mac
2. Mac:iTunes App Store

Customer Service:
QQ:[email protected]

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    I mean thanks but the list of links is misleading. This post isnt teaching you how to get the apps its just links to the website.
    if u take time to read, the download is on the website
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  • Thanks! Looks promising.
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